The Talking Gazette

The Talking Gazette offers members of the community who are vision impaired or have trouble reading the local newspaper with a CD recording of some parts of the Blue Mountains Gazette each week.

Here’s how it works:

  • Volunteer narrators read all the news and interesting bits of information from each edition of the Gazette aloud and it is recorded on to a CD
  • Another group of volunteers comes together once a week to copy the master CD onto individual audio CDs
  • These CDs are mailed out to community members in the post free of charge.

The Talking Gazette service is free. Recipients of the CDs say the service helps them stay in touch with local news and feel connected to the community. If you know someone who is vision impaired and would like to access this free service why not contact the Centre on 4751 3033 and find out more about this popular and unique community service.

Contact: Noeleen Updall

Talking Gazette Project Coordinator

Talking Gazette 2014

Talking Gazette 2014

Talking Gazette

Talking Gazette Team 2013

Talking Gazette Team

Talking Gazette Team 2012