Kinship Carer Project

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Is no longer in operation due to lack of continued funding however this page may still have some important referral information for you.

‘Kinship care’ (or ‘relative care’) refers to situations where family members are caring for a relative’s child on a full-time basis. This may be due to parental death, disability, imprisonment, or other life problems such as drug addiction. Kinship carers may parent under a ‘formal’ arrangement where their parental responsibility is recognised by the courts, or through an ‘informal’ arrangement. Kinship carers are usually grandparents, but may also be aunts and uncles or other relatives.


Please see our Sydney / NSW Support Services if you need more information.

KINNECTIONS – information for families raising a relative’s child

Our revised resource kit Kinnections’ has now been published. It contains up to date information about financial and legal issues, trauma, family and youth support services, plus information on the importance of looking after yourself as a carer and is relevant to all kinship carers in NSW.