Science at the Local




Science at the Local dates for 2017:

March 12
May 21
July 23
Sep 17
Nov 12

All events on Sunday arvo from 2:30 til 4.


The programs for the events will be coming later.




Springwood Sports Club is undergoing major renovations in 2017.
We will be holding our first three events this year (March 12, May 21, July 3) at Springwood Country Club (you may know it as the Golf Club).
The Sassafras room at the Bowlo won’t be available because of renovations, which means we’ve had to relocate. We’re hoping to return to the new and improved Sports Club for our last two events of the year (September 17 and November 12) but we’ll just have to wait and see how the renos play out.
The Country Club is a lovely spot and well suited to our format. Our biggest concern is travel – it’s unfortunately a fair hike from the train station and even the nearest bus stop. Fortunately the Springwood Neighbourhood Centre has come to the rescue and has a service that provides transport for over 65’s who live between Linden and Valley Heights and out to Yellow Rock. If that describes you then get in touch here or directly with the Centre on 4751 3033.
For anyone else affected, there’s carpooling, cab-splitting, Uber, or if you’ve any other ideas drop them below.